Ted Trainer Interview

Great discussion with one of the founders of the Treinfhir Family reunion Mr Ted Trainer from Maine, USA and the 2024 Gathering Chair Mr Kevin Trainor. The 2024 Event will be held in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The first 2 gatherings were held in Monaghan, Ireland. Those very successful gatherings, of course, showed the origins of the Treinfhir Family: Notably Treanor, Traynor, Trainor, Trainer, Trenor, Trayner, Trener, Treinfhir, McCreanor, Treynor, Thréinḟir to name a few.

After leaving Ireland most families would have landed in Atlantic Canada particularly Prince Edward Island. In Fact; Fort Augustus, PEI is partnered with Monaghan, Ireland to this day and many Irish dependents still reside in PEI. The choice of P.E.I. is to follow the lineage of where our people settled after circumstances forces them to leave their beloved Ireland – in most cases never to return. P.E.I. for most of the settlers would have been the first stage or settlement, than off to other parts of Canada and the USA particularly Ontario, Maine, New Hampshire, & Pennsylvania.

Our dependents are now found around the world in places like Spain, South America and Australia – and we hope the next few stops in our historical ancestry trail for 2026 & 2028 will follow this amazing journey our forefathers set for us. We hope you will join us in Charlottetown, PEI – June 21-23, 2024.

Some links to follow: To Pre Register: https://www.treinfhirtotrainorpei.com

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