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CBC Interview on 2024 Reunion

Irish eyes are smiling as Trainor clan plans large reunion on P.E.I.

Trainors, Treanors, Trenors, McCreanors and Treinfhirs to gather in June 2024

Trainor clan

The Trainor reunion in Ireland in 2022 saw folks from all over the world. (L-R) Back row: Noel Treanor of Dublin, Ireland; Noel Treanor of Monaghan, Ireland; Kevin Trainor of Donagh, P.E.I.; Paul Trainor of P.E.I.; Kelly Trainor of Colorado, U.S.A. Middle row: Karen Traynor of Wisconsin, U.S.A.; Eithne Treanor of Dubai, U.A.E. Front row: Steve Traynor of Wisconsin, U.S.A.; Russ Trainor of Colorado, U.S.A. (Submitted by Noel Treanor)

A very large family gathering is being planned for the summer 2024 on P.E.I. for people with the last name Trainor — and all the different variations in the spelling

All these Trainors, Treanors, Treynors, Trenors, McCreanors and Treinfhirs had ancestors that were originally from Ireland.

As for the Island connection, Trainors first came here from Ireland in the 1830s, with their various branches settling in places like Monaghan, Kelly’s Cross and Donagh.

Kevin Trainor, who lives in Donagh and is descended from settler Owen Trainor, said the clan reunion he attended in Ireland in 2022 sparked an interest in his family history.

Kevin Trainor, sitting with his brother Paul.
Kevin Trainor, sitting with his brother Paul, is helping to organize the reunion June 21-23 on P.E.I. (Submitted by Noel Treanor)

“It was not only an eye-opener, but a life-changing event, to find out the vast amount of Trainors in the world are all related,” he said in an interview with Island Morning host Mitch Cormier Wednesday. 

Noel Treanor, who spells his name differently, also spoke on Island Morning, saying he plans to make the trip to Ireland with others from his clan.

About 160 people attended last year’s reunion in Ireland, he noted. “We strongly suspect the one in P.E.I. will be bigger simply because a lot more people will be coming from various parts of North America.”

The name Trainor means “strong man” in Irish. It’s the second most popular name in Ireland’s County Monaghan, behind McKenna. 

“Your spelling was always dependent on the priest or the customs official or the tax man or whoever was literate,” said Treanor. “They only became fixed once everybody became literate — so the early 20th century.”

Kevin Trainor is already planning events for the reunion, scheduled for June 21-23, 2024. There will be bus tours to showcase the “best” of P.E.I.

And of course, there will be plenty of celebrating.

“You couldn’t have a Trainor reunion without a ceilidh,” he said.

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Listen here for the interview

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