Q & A From March 10th

Treinfhir Clann Gathering



The above link gives you access to the schedule and event/tour descriptions

Discount flight Code for PEI 2024

For travel booked through Air Canada to Charlottetown or Halifax airports.

Travelling on or between the 13th June and 30th June.


The code can only be used at www.aircanada.com and www.aircanada.com/agent.

The promo code cannot be used in the travel agency’s GDS.

Discounts of about 5-12%

Toll   -     $50.25 CAD    when leaving the Island

Toll across the bridge to PEI only takes cards but not cash. (Note: Generally, there are a couple of lanes open and you can pay with cash. I have found that very early in the morning the card only lane is the only option.)


Where are the caravan parks? E.g. https://koa.com/campgrounds/cornwall/ about 9 miles from Charlottetown
Is it possible to park it close to e.g. Holland College?

Go to   https://www.tourismpei.com/what-to-do/beaches-parks for more info about camping locations



Holland College accommodation: https://www.hollandcollege.com/summer_accommodations/

The rates at Holland College are good until May 10, 2024

There are two lists of other accommodations on  https://www.treinfhirtotrainorpei.com/



Q. If you’re arriving too late to register on Thursday?

A.**********************We are planning to open Registration at 9:00AM on Friday to accommodate. *

Q. Are you still accepting new registrations or have you reached the 350 limit?
A. Yes, as of 10th March 2024 but we are over 300.

Q. If I register and pay for both myself and my wife and also for both of us for a particular tour and event, if my wife cannot actually go, can I take another relative?
A. As long as we have the other name and they are registered for insurance purposes



Descriptions of each of the tours  (See link above)

On each of the coach tours a midday meal will be provided.


Treanor Book Project

The four volumes of the Treinfhir book are available here; https://treinfhir.org/the-treinfhir-book/


Kathy Weber wants a poem or a limerick about DNA


Q. During any of the tours.. will there be a chance to walk/take pics at the beach?
A.   The North Shore Tour will stop within the PEI National Park at an overlook for pictures. You will not have access to the beach.

        The South Shore Tour will stop in Victoria-by-the-Sea. If you have time, you may be able to walk down to the beach.

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