We are very fortunate to have two websites devoted to the worldwide Treinfhir clan!  This site that you are on will provide all you need to know about Treinfhir Gathering 2024, as well as additional information to keep the conversation going.  You can expect some things to show up at both sites.  We ask you to let the 2024 Gathering committee know that you’re interested in coming by registering here.  You will also receive  emailed updates as they become available.  Please also become a member at our Treinfhir.org site, if you have not already.  We promise not to be prolific with emails. (That would take too much work!)  Treinfhir.org  has been our site since 2019, and we have a number of efforts going to explore our roots, tell our stories, promote events, and much more!  The Domhnach Airgid, pictured at right, is our cover image.

The section of the Domhnach Airgid (silver church) that depicts St. Patrick presenting St. MacCartan with the Gospel Book.

Here are some sites to explore to learn more about the Ireland-PEI connection. The Very Rev. Canon Patrick Moynagh, who established the communities on PEI and helped the Irish to make a new life there.  The Irish to Canada site also has a page talking about Fr. MacDonald organizing over 2000 Irish traveling from Monaghan to PEI. That site also links to three books on the  subject. The Benevolent Irish Society at Island Voices has a lot to share. Facts from each.

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