Noel Murphy Renaissance Man: Interview 4 6 2023

Interview with Noel Murphy Renaissance Man. Noel has been commissioned to podcast and document the Treinfhir Gatherings in Monaghan, Ireland in 2022 and continues the documentation for 2024 in Prince Edward Island, Canada in 2024.

Noels podcast features The Valencia Tapes Parts 1, 2, 3 -Treinfhir Clan Stories:

In addition to the Family Stories series we encourage you to listen to Noels other amazing stores including the Shed Stories Series – Funny and enlightening and well worth the subscription to this and future works by Noel.

In the podcast we also have Kevin Trainor – Chair of the 2024 Treinfhir gathering Prince Edward Island, Canada: 21-23 JUNE OF 2024 – DISCOVER PEI & THE TREINFHIR LEGACY Register:…

Calling all Treinfhir: Treanor, Traynor, Trainor, Trainer, Trenor, Trayner, Trener, Treinfhir, McCreanor, Treynor, Thréinḟir around the world: Come gather in Prince Edward Island for 2024 –

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