2024 Comittee Meeting 1

Treinfhir Family Gathering 2024

The first meeting of the Treinfhir – Trainor – Traynor Gathering for 2024 was held at 330 North River Road in Charlottetown on August 3rd, 2022. The meeting was to discuss executive and committee members and strategy of first ever out of Ireland Meetings. The first 2 gatherings were held in Monaghan County, Ireland and at those gatherings it was discussed to show where Irish descendants set out to the new world and beyond. For most of the people  the first stop was the Atlantic Provinces – specifically Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. It was agreed at the 2nd Treinfhir gathering in Monaghan County, Ireland that the Atlantic provinces would be the logical choice for the 2024 gathering.

Present were Kevin Trainor, Paul Trainor, David Trainor, Mike Trainor, Bill Trainor and Mary Leah Trainor.

Kevin Trainor was nominated by Mary Leah Trainor for Chairperson seconded by Mike Trainor. All were in favor.

David Trainor was nominated as treasurer by Kevin Trainor and seconded by Paul Trainor. All were in favor.

Mary Leah Trainor was nominated as secretary by Bill Trainor and seconded by Kevin Trainor. Voting was unanimous. 

Paul Trainor accepted the position of communication director. He will set up a website for the group calling it www.treinfhirtotrainorpei.com as well as set up a Facebook page and feed.

there will be a Zoom call from Ireland on august 14th. The tentative date for the gathering will be June 21, 22nd and 23rd 2024 hosted in Prince Edward Island.

Mike Trainor pointed out that weekend is the summer solstice, a very important point in advertising the weekend event.

The meeting was filled with stories, ideas and excitement of hosting the event. The meeting was adjourned by Kevin at app 9PM. Seconded by David Trainor.

Committee Members

Chair: Kevin Trainor – 902 218 9309 kevinbjptrainor@gmail.com

David Trainor: Treasurer – 902 836 5169 trainordavid@hotmail.com

Secretary: Mary Leah Trainor:  902 394 0790 mltrainor3@pei.sympatico.ca

Communications: paul.trainor@eastlink.ca 902 940 5927

Committee member: Michael Trainor 902 432 0387 . trainordalefarms@hotmail.com

Committee member: Roy Trainor 902 569 3000

Committee member: Bill Trainor . 902393 2647

Committee member: Joe Trainor . 902 368.6351

Committee member: Reg Trainor . 902 628 9774 . rtrainor@mmresourses.ca

Committee member: Arlene Kelly: 902 218.6140


Member: St Clair Trainor: 902 729 2006 . stnclara@hotmail.com

Member: Callie Trainor: 

Member: Claire Trainor: 902 675 2328 . cmmtrainor@gmail.com

Please contact us at 902 940 5927 or email paul.trainor@eastlink.ca to add your name as volunteer or member. 

Register for the 2024 Gathering:

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