COMMITTEE Meeting – Zoom Call Aug 28 2022

COMMITTEE Meeting – Zoom Call Aug 28 2022

COMMITTEE Meeting – Zoom Call Aug 28 2022

On the call were Mary Leah Trainor, Kevin Trainor, David Trainor, Mike Trainor from PEI and From Ireland and the US were: Seamais, Genie, Noel (Thrush) Trainor, Noel (Miller) Trainor, Mary Condon, Mike Trainor: Web Master International site from New York.

The membership assocation is set up and must be a member of the international group to participate. PEI 2024 committee will be a sub group of the international assocation.

There will be a code of conduct for members and volunteers. We have no human resources however we will have a “Terms of Reference” documents will be sent and posted on the website.

Noel would like to do an exchange in 2023. We will send an invitation from the Ft Augustus Irish Descendants to attend with the council delegation.

There will be a grant from Ireland for the book project app 8500 Euro Grant.

Michael, David and Paul will get together with Seamars to set up bank account. There will be 1 Canadian and 1 Irish account to accept registrations to the 2024 gathering for Canada, USA and Ireland participants. All can register using a credit card or Visa/MS Debt using Stripe.

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